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M-A-G-E: Emmet by Dhirento
M-A-G-E: Emmet

N a m e : Emmet
A g e : 13 
G e n d e r : male
H e i g h t : 1.55 m (1.60 m in mage form…)
W e i g h t : 40kg 

Mage Type: Reverse (Tanzmariechen | Marching Band - themed)

Mage Item: Rose Medal

Mage Weapon: Golden Baton

S t a t s :

Power (10)  |  Potential (40) | Magic (20+5)  |  Speed (20)  | Luck (10)

A t t a c k s : 
“Prelude!” - Magically infused smack attack with the baton. Weapon has to physically touch the target.

“Intermezzo!” - A swirl of pink notes playing a March is fired at the target.

P e r s o n a l i t y:
+ Outgoing |  Humorous |  Optimistic |  Carefree |  Non-judgmental |  Curious

- Detached |  Secretive |  Reckless |  Goofy |  Invasive

Emmet is a happy child with a perpetual smile on his face. Practically oozing enthusiasm, he likes seeing people in a good mood and putting smiles on their faces and therefor enjoys telling jokes and making harmless pranks. He is an active, energized boy who loves adventures and playing the hero, which often makes him act recklessly and apparently without much thought. Despite that, he is quite open to other people’s opinions and takes everyone as they are, welcoming them into his life no matter how they act towards him. His happy-go lucky attitude however has its downsides, as he methodically avoids serious conversations and tends to make dumb jokes in the most unfitting situations to ‘lighten up the mood’. This might be especially frustrating to those who have known him for only a short time. It also affects those who befriend him, as he is quite a good listener, but seldom has any productive suggestions to help them solve their problems and doesn’t share much of his own inner working and possible struggles.

L i k e s :

- Icecream
- Comics
- Sunny Weather
- Jokes

- Adventures

D i s l i k e s:
- Having to be by himself
- Boredom

- Responsibilities
- Serious Conversation

A d d i t i o n a l  I n f o r m a t i o n:

- Surprisingly comfortable in his mage form. Prefers to be called “Emma” when turned.
- Since he treats everyone in a similarly friendly way, it’s difficult to say how he really thinks about someone else.

- Actually a little taller in mage form since girls go through puberty earlier than boys lol
- Knows no personal space and is physically clingy unless explicitly told to back off.

ILB: Professor Falk by Dhirento
ILB: Professor Falk
Name: Demeter Falk
Subject(s): Defense Against the Dark Arts; Head of House Gryffindor
Tenure: 1 Year
Height5''7' // 1.73 m
Nationality: English
Voice: [sample]

:bulletred: Used to teach History of Magic, but took over DaDA after last year's events.
:bulletred: Rumored to be a vampire; Whether it's true or not is yet unclear.
ILB: Professor Doherty by Dhirento
ILB: Professor Doherty
Name: Calhoun Doherty
Subject(s): Potions, Alchemy
Tenure: 60 Years
Height5''6' // 1,69 m
Nationality: Irish
Voice: [sample]

:bulletgreen: Great Uncle to Paris King and Logan Doherty
:bulletgreen: Used to be Head of House Slytherin in his younger days
ILB: Healer Dearie by Dhirento
ILB: Healer Dearie
Name: Luke Dearie
Subject(s): Head Healer
Tenure: 1 Year
Height6''3' // 1.90 m
Nationality: Irish
Voice: [sample]

:bulletyellow: Hufflepuff Alumni; Used to be a sucessful Keeper on his House's Quidditch team
:bulletyellow: Apparently friends with Instructor Wells
Many of you probably know that I'm a big DA Group...enthusiast. It's a great way to develope character and meet new people after all. I must admit, however, that I always found looking for RP groups that suit my taste to be rather difficult, and often had to rely on friend recommendations to find one I was interested in. I therefore decided to put up a journal with some groups that deserve (more) recognition in my opinion. Please check them out if any catches your attention!

:iconseafighters-alliance: - Seafighters Alliance (pirates / fantasy/ adventure)

A group centered around pirate teams compeating for their captain to become the new pirate king. Founded by a dear friend of mine and about to open it's gates soon for the very first time!

:icontransliminality: - Transliminality (horror/ psychological/ urban fantasy)

A group still in the making, playing in alternative universe Edinburgh that is plagued by ghost hauntings. It centers around teenagers being employed as ghost hunter in special agencies, since they are more tuned to paranormal activity than grown ups. Based on J. Stroud's Lockwood books, but it's not necessary to have read those at all.

:iconmorte-nostrum: - Morte Nostrum (horror/grotesque/historical)

A group set in Europe where you get to be a reaper and hunt dark souls in your afterlife. It has a nice feel of victorian grotesque-ness and despite it's fantasy elements, attention to historical accurancy is a priority. Been around for some time, but enrollments are being held pretty often.

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