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July 21, 2013
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ConatgionIV: Thomas Fuhrmann by Dhirento ConatgionIV: Thomas Fuhrmann by Dhirento
still under construction

Name: Thomas Fuhrmann
Nickname: Cop, Tom, Tommy (he'll cringe)
Gender: male
Age: 34
Height: 6'3''
Location: Hospital
Weapon 1: Marlin 336XLR (hunting rifle)
Weapon 2: Felling axe
Supplies: family photo, a coil of surgical tape


Negotiant: Due to his calm personality and a talent in reasoning with people, he is often send out when there's a need to exchange supplies with other locations.

Runner's Bodyguard: Accompanies runners at trips, but instead of actively looking for supplies, provides weaponry protection and looks out for possible hazards.

Calm | Reasonable | Righteous | Brave | Dutiful | Pragmatic | Conservative | Old-fashioned | Stubborn

-law and order
-clean clothes
-driving vehicles

-flesh eaters, obviously
-the cold

Pre-Apocalyptic History: Along with his younger sister, Thomas was born in a rural area of Texas, to a farmer and his wife. After years of a quiet, but happy childhood he realized that following into his father's footsteps was not something he wanted and after finishing high school left his family in order to study law in a whole other state. Collage, however, wasn't quite how he had imagined it. Not adapting well to the boring, theoretical academic approach, he soon ditched his studies and - too proud to return home as a failure - stayed afloat by pushing himself through several jobs barely fitting his potential. Through a lucky coincidence and a little help from a friend, he eventually ended up in the local police force, which turned out to be just the right thing for him. The professional success was soon followed by a personal one as he got to know the woman who in a few years' time would become his wife and bear a beautiful daughter. Their happiness seemed complete.

Post-Apocalyptic History:
Working for the state had it's benifits. Anticipating the impending doom that would soon follow the first break-outs, the family dissolved its bank account and scraped up enough money to send their daughter to stay with relatives in Europe, yet not enough to accompany her. Left on their own, Thomas and his wife travelled crosscountry, always looking for the safest place to stay. While they were careful and this went good for as long as 9 months, Thomas' wife eventually got bitten as they got attaced by a couple of exceptionally bloodthirsty and smart flesh eaters.

Despite her pleads, Thomas loved his wife far too much to leave her behind, deluding himself into believing that she hadn't been infected, though it was obvious that this was not the case. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to leave her behind or even help her out of her misery and therefor was endagering himself, Mrs. Fuhrmann waited for her husband to go out for supplies before she used the weapon he left her for selfprotection to shot herself, feeling that her end was close anyway. When Thomas returned, he found her already dead, pistol in her hand and bullet through her head. Next to her lay a photograph oh her, him and their daughter, "Carry on" scribbled on the back.

Although he was heartbroken, Thomas saw no other option but to follow his wife's last will. After burning her body, he continued travelling on his own, joining groups of wanderers whenever they went the direction he needed. His destination was Toronto, his sister's ( last known whereabouts.

After another two months of travelling, he eventually reached the city and soon ran into a team of runners from the hospital. Tagging along, he hoped to find his sister there and indeed reunited with her miraculously.

Additional Information:
-lost 15lbs of weight to the apacolypse
-would really like to eat a proper steak again
-used to smoke, but quit when his daughter was born
-wears his and his late wife's wedding ring around a chain on his neck
-really close to his sister
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