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Fratellus: C.C. by Dhirento Fratellus: C.C. by Dhirento

Name: Clarice “CC” Crowe
Age: 32
Birthday: 10th August
Height:  1.69 m
Weight:  68 kg
Ethnicity: American
Country of Birth: America, CA

ID: 063
Rank: Agent
Branch: Sword
Weapons:  M16A4 | Remington 700 | HK P12 | KM 2000
Cyborg: MikhailFratellus: Mikhail by zombriefs
Suit: -


confident || ambitious || sleek || flirtatious || manipulative || vain || proud || self-centered || vengeful || pessimistic

Materialistic to a fault, money and financial independency is crucial to Clarice. She is aware of the social standing of the family she was born into and tries all that is in her might to distance herself as far from it as she can, be it through expensive perfume and designer clothes or spreading an air of professionalism and class at work. She is hard on herself when it’s about success and despite appearing conceited has pretty low self-esteem. Because of that, she attributes all her achievements to her looks and frantically tries to keep them up because she fears that they’re her only true virtue.

Ever since she was a little girl, Clarice had been all about self-preservation and neither friends nor family ever mattered all too much – not that she had either to begin with. Her relationships with people were superficial and based on how useful the person was for her personal agenda.  Despite such natural isolation, she grew lonely over the years, especially upon her solitary arrival in Europe.


Likes and Dislikes:

+ Cocktails | Smoking | Money | Fashion| Success |Workout

-  Children | Dirt |Housework |Paperwork |Being Dependent |Hospitals

Biography: Clarice was born into very sad and modest circumstances, to a low-income family including two older siblings, an overwhelmed mother and an abusive father. While her mother slaved away as a cashier in a supermarket to provide for the family, their father disappeared for days and weeks just to come home intoxicated and angry, letting it out on his wife. He went too far when Clarice was five years old, beating his wife unconscious. He was quickly arrested by the police that had been called by worried neighbors, his wife taken to the hospital and children temporarily into the state’s custody. The case went to court, both parents being sentenced: The father for domestic abuse, the mother for child neglect: She had, after all, left them alone a lot in order to even make a living. Losing her parental rights, she was forced to put her youngest daughter up for adoption.

Despite that, Clarice was fortunate: It didn’t take her long to find a foster family. The Crowe’s were a model couple: Expereanced, well-off and both with steady jobs, but despite having the best intentions and being ready to provide all the love they had, they  grew discouraged with the cold and incommunicative child that Clarice was. The continued to care for her, but their relationship was strained and distanced, not aiding much to Clarice’s social development. Academically, however, she performed more than well, breaking down all barriers until she landed international studies major at a renown university. What she did next however, upset her foster parents: Without them knowing, she applied for a spot in the FBI.  At that, they put their foot down, threatening Clarice with consequences should she follow a career they deemed unsuited for a young woman like her, but their daughter’s reaction came as a horrible surprise: Unquestioningly, she cut all ties with her foster family and left for the academy.

As an agent, Clarice often worked undercover or as a decoy due to her manipulative tendencies and looks. Though successful, she made a major mistake after several years of working in the FBI, accidently revealing important information to a culprit that managed to flee. After being dismissed from service and advised to leave the country for her own safety, she spend a year of futile tries of landing a mundane job in Europe until being picked up by the Agency. Her morals hanging low from having seen a lot during her service, she doesn’t mind the Agency’s practices as long as the salary is right.



Mikhail: So far, she is pretty much convinced that the boy is more of a drag that will prevent her from working properly than an aid or even a weapon, but she’s known him for barely a week, so this might very soon change : )

“Royal”: An old colleague from the FBI. While she doesn't harbour any hard feelings towards him, she is well aware of how ill he thinks of her and decided to at least have her fun provoking him if she can't make him like her anyway.


- Might have a bit of an alcohol problem; definitely drinks too much
- Goes by “C.C.” most of the time, which are her initials
- Is concerned about her cyborg’s appearance  as much as her own and often takes him shopping
- Despite givinger her cyborg a proper name, usually adresses him with 'kid' or 'kiddo'
- Called Mikhail after the boy she went to prom with
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