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March 24, 2012
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HoL: Eleanore Hackett by Dhirento HoL: Eleanore Hackett by Dhirento
Am I doing this right? :iconpapcryplz:

| || Name: Eleanore Hackett

| || Age : 23

| || Sex : Female

| || Height : 5'7'' (+ 3 inches with heels)

| || Weight: 143lbs

| || Floor: Medium

| || Job: Bartender

| || Paranormal Ability: Clairvoyance - She can see the future of others when physically touching them. Born with this ability, the visons were unclear and random at first, but over the years she learned to controll and concentrate them. The accuracy of the 'phrophecies' she gives depends on how far in the future they happen, so a statement about tomorrow is far more probable then one about what might happen in 10 years, which is very vague. Elanore can't see her own future and fates in which she is involved herself appear rather foggy.

| || Personality: Calm, friendly and a good listener, radianting an air of serenity and life expereance barely compatible with her young age . She seems to take more interest in other people's lives and stories than her own, but isn't pushy about it. While she is happy to learn more about others, she keeps silent about her own life and doesn't like to talk about it.

| || History: Eleanore was born in a small, dry town where her father owned a bar. Her psychic powers started showing off early on, manifisting themselfes in uncontrolled visions showing in epileptic-like fits. Her mother was very religious and became scared of her own child as Elenore started to give accurate satements about people's futures. On her 8th birthday, Eleanore divined the death of her own mother. Mrs. Hackett paniked and decided to leave her family for good. She didn't come far, however, and got hit by a car a few streets away from her home.

Eleanore's father never got over the death of his wife and his peronality changed gradually. He started excessive drinking and became abusive once drunk, letting it our on Eleanore, who felt too guilty and scared to tell anyone.
As she was old enough, she started helping out in the bar and did it gladly, as her father wasn't there most of the time and it mainly was run by the staff. She learned to mix drinks from a nice, old bartender who had been working there for a long time and showed certain talent.

Around the time as Eleanore hit the age of 16, the condition of her father grew worse. After a big fight he didn't limit himself to physical abuse, but almost raped his own daughter. Eleanore managed to escape however and decided to never return home again. She joined a travelling show that happened to stay in town at that time and treked through the whole country, using her abilitys to earn money as a fortune teller.

Although it was fun for a few years, she soon felt that she didn't want to live like this anymore and seeked a fixed home. Looking through newspaper articles for job oppirtinities, she noticed an announcment from a certain private club looking for a bartender. Ever since then she has been living and working in the House of Lost.

| || Other:

- Has a bad habbit of smoking she has tried to get rid off several times (and is still trying occasionally)

- Not visible underneath her cothes, she's wearing a small, silver crucifix she got from her mother

- She is very patient, so it's hard to annoy or anger her

- Has seen and expereanced a lot of shit paranormal activity while trecking around with the travelling fair and even more during her stay in the house, so scaring her with the supernatural is nearly impossible. It is the cruelity of people that scares her far more.

- She won't and will never give you more drinks than you can handle, so don't expect to drown your sorrows in alcohol
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