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VT: Lir Doherty by Dhirento VT: Lir Doherty by Dhirento

Name: Lir Doherty

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Voice: [link]

Height: 5'9''

Country: Eivindr

Element: Air

Faction: EK

Rank: Cadet

Str 12 | Mag 16 + 5 | Vit 10 | Spd 20 | Sp 11

Weapon: Rapier

:bulletblue: Diversion & Strategy Specialist
Being very fast and versatile, mentally as well as physically, Lir find it easy to come up with a plan to confuse and irritate the enemy and also pull it through in the end. Although he prefers to leave the rough and dirty work of direct combat to people more suited for it physically, he can still be found doing his part in the frontlines, diverting the opponent's attention from the warriors to himself and thus make them less prone to dodge or counter an attack.


:bulletblue: Cunning & Sharp Tongued
Lir is someone who thinks ahead and knows very well how to get his way with words. He could offend someone greatly while making it sound like a compliment.

:bulletblue: Self-centered & Spoiled
He doesn't really care for anyone's wellbeing but his own and won't do anything for anybody else as long as it doesn't benefit him in the long run.

:bulletblue: Audacious
When there is something he wishes to obtain, Lir will make sure that he gets it by any measure. He is used to get what he wants and wouldn't care about danger or morality in order to reach his goal.

:bulletblue: Misogynistic
Sadly, Lir has a very low opinion on women. Based on his own experience, all they are after is money, vanity and fame. The noble daughters of the rich he grew up with just the same as the whores in the brothels he visited later on. Although he acts chivalrous and flirtious around all females, he quickly loses interest as soon as he notices that they start to like him.

Lir was born into the wealthy Doherty family, widely known for its manufacture company throughout Eivindr, 6 years after the birth of his older brother Logan. Due to their completely contrary personalities, the boys never got along throughout the years, constantly getting into fights with each other, struggling for the preference of their parents. As Lir hit the age 15, their father fell very ill. Although he loved both of his sons equally and knew that Lir was smarter and better suited to take over the company than Arleigh, but not of age and therefor unable to do so yet, he devolved the ownership to his oldest son, instructing him to care for his little brother and make sure that he had it good in life. Logan accepted the last will of his father teeth-gnashingly. As expected, he was not at all suited as the company's president and often dumped paperwork and planning onto Lir, without including him directly however, selling off his marketing ideas as his own. To keep his brother silent, Logan gave him a large, monthly allowance, saying he wouldn't care what Lir did with the money as long as he stayed out of his way. Lir, bitter about his father's decision and the injustice of his brother, soon indulged himself into such doubtful activities as duels, brothel visits and lavish parties, spending his money on women, alcohol and drugs. He had soon build up a bad reputation not only for himself, but also for his family among the noble circles. This annoyed and concerned Logan greatly. In the end he threw a tantrum and gave Lir the choice to either join the Erius Knights , where he hoped him to get straightened out or better eaten by a dragon or killed in battle, or get his allowance cut and disowned. Lir saw no other option but to obey to his brother's conditions and soon got send off to Arcana.

Extra info:
:bulletblue: Lir seems to have found a liking to his 4 year old twin nephews, although he doesn't get along with both of their parents at all and their birth had slimed down the chance of Lir ever taking over the company profoundly.

:bulletblue: Although he greatly lacks in the strength department, Lir is very skilled with a rapier. By practicing fencing since early childhood and then later attending duels with other reckless young man he became very fast when striking and versatile when dodging attacks.

:bulletblue: Due to never doing any hard labor, or in fact, no work at all, his hands are really slender, clean and feminine. For some reason this seems to annoy him greatly.

Skill: Fata Morgana
Causes a brief, but very life-like illusion (a dragon, for example) to appear in the air in order to distract or scare his opponent. It is however, only an illusion and dissolves within 5 minutes, never manifesting physically.

Skill: Hypersonic Cut
When wielding a weapon, Lir can extend its hitting range vastly with the help of this skill. The air cut by swinging the weapon accelerates and gains strength until hitting the opponent, landing a much more violent blow than said weapon usually would.

Special: Aero Bourn
Sends a mighty shock wave through the radius of 100m (328 feet) around Lir, strong enough to blow over vehicles and uproot medium-sized trees. As a side effect, Lir loses conscience for the rest of the battle and is unable to use any magic for the next three days.
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Loreanna77 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
Мне понравилась его история и внешность) По мне - он просто душка ^^
lily-kat Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012   Digital Artist
asdfghafgajgfgs why do I keep staring at his body :iconmingplz: //touches lol
Dhirento Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YES WHY DO YOU :iconinglipplz:
Considering all the other man in my gallery idk if to be honored or offended by you being attracted to this skinny prick lmao
lily-kat Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012   Digital Artist
I don't knowwww but I keep staring at his lips an legs :iconnbplz:

I guess in my imagination he's doing this movement-> :iconpelvicthrustplz: lmao
Arcubabyy Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
he is so handsome TuT/
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taiwonton Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMFG I CAN'T----- :iconmanbabyplz:
LIR YOU SEXY BEAST come to my bosom

But no srsly I loveee the way you colored this-- he rocks the uniform so well
and his hair is so fab-- even if london's gonna hate it sawb

HNNNNG love him so much already :iconhnnghplz:
XxWhimsicalxX Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He looks so fab :icondatassplz:
//touches his hair
also omggg I love how you colored him dehwjde
dashima Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
omg his hair is fa bu l o u s :icongtthplz:
NOIRECITY Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This guy makes me want to join, but enrollments are almost done. :iconpapcryplz: Maybe next time or something.
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